Mwagusi, a well-established camp providing comfort with a hint of understated safari elegance was started by Chris in 1987 and has originated from a “no-frills safari experience” where the wildlife and personally guided experience is paramount. Raised locally Chris is notorious for his profound knowledge and experience with the wildlife, people and the land of Ruaha. He is best known for his deep understanding of animal behaviour especially with wild African Elephants forming astonishing relationships with these incredibly intelligent creatures.

Mwagusi is renowned for its high-calibre of local guides and their in-depth knowledge of the African bush. Local Tanzanians benefit from an in-house guide training programme aimed to provide top-class guides with excellent wildlife and bush knowledge, who have an ability to read animal behaviour – knowing when to sit patiently and watch a natural sequence of events unfold.

Your banda

Mwagusi Safari Camp offers its guests a unique and comfortable tented safari experience. Almost all of the camp is built from natural materials such as grass thatch, timber, drift wood, stones and reeds, allowing the camp to be in perfect balance and harmony with its surroundings.

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The Dining

Meals are eaten together with managers and other guests in any of our two main dining areas in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Private dinings can be arranged for large groups or newly-wed honeymoon couples. The main dining area is built looking onto the riverbed and has two large and comfortable seating areas where you can relax with an afternoon drink.

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homemade delicious food

Food is prepared fresh everyday in camp, using local produce supplied by nearby farmers and the nearest town market. An early morning wake-up call includes tea or coffee in bed. Breakfast includes various pastries, the infamous cinnamon bread, fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, a traditional hot breakfast, toast and confections.

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