• 5 star rating

    Tanzania As It Was Meant To Be Seen If you long for the days when you weren't sharing a sighting with 14 other trucks, when you could enjoy the sounds of the bush seated by a campfire, when you could be immersed in the experience of being in nature unmarred by the din of CNN International, come to Ruaha and stay at Mwagusi! Chris has created an oasis that hearkens back to the safaris of old without sacrificing comfort or quality. His staff are welcoming, friendly, eager to share their knowledge of the landscape, its fauna, and tireless when it comes to seeking out the best... read more

  • 5 star rating

    Wir kommen sehr gerne wieder! Unser Aufenthalt im Februar war durch die Wetterlage nicht optimal, um viele Tiere zu sehen. Bei Nässe kommen die Löwen sehr selten unter den Büschen vor. Dafür war der Service in Camp hervorragend, alle Mitarbeiter mit Hendrik als Manager waren super freundlich und sympatisch. Unser Banda war wunderschön eingerichtet, ein sehr bequemes Bett und und ein sehr großes Wohnzimmer mit Blick zum Fluß. Auch der Gamedrive samt Fahrer und Führer mit erstklassigem 4 Wheel Drive hat immer geklappt. Insgesamt ein hervorragender Aufenthalt, wir kommen bestimmt mit der Familie wieder! Aber diesmal in den Monaten August oder September, da herrscht Trockenzeit... read more

    Lothar K
  • 5 star rating

    Fantastic experience with expert service! I stayed with two other people in the Phillips banda. The banda was stunning with a great afternoon view of elephants and giraffes eating.Our guide Baldon was awesome and I would highly recommend him. He was able to see things far before the rest of us and was incredibly knowledgeable of all of the animals that we saw and then some. More

  • 5 star rating

    There is a reason why I keep returning OK, first things first - since October last year the weather in Tanzania has been "challenging", to say the least. But over the past few years i have learned that the mark of a really good Safari camp is how the challenges are met. Even at the best of times, the logistics involved in running a camp in the middle of Africa are far from easy - from getting fresh supplies to keeping the vehicles in working order - but when rains make the rivers flood and snap concrete access bridges as easily as if they were made... read more

  • 5 star rating

    Third visit to Mwagusi Second trip to Mwagusi this year for the wildlife photography. Excellent location, staff, safari guides and Management team. Totally recommended. This time we booked a night time safari and came across Bat Eared Foxes, Serval, Civit, African Wild Cat, Lions, Bush Babies and an Aardwolf. The evening meals are an experience in themselves, under the stars, on the dry river bed around a large fire. It doesn't get much better.

  • 5 star rating

    Unique landscape and sightings of wild dogs and leopards The game and the camp were amazing. We had an excellent guide in Baldon, He was eagle-eyed on every drive. I loved the baobabs sprinkled everywhere.
    The food was the best by far of the camps I have stayed in Ruaha and dinners in the dry riverbed with a full moon gave memories to carry for ever. My tent was beautifully furnished and large, I had monkeys, elephants and a few fruit bats keep me company.

  • 4 star rating

    Wildlife Safari holiday A wonderful holiday experience.
    Thank you to all the staff for such a special time. Everything worked well, the game drives were informative and much wildlife was seen thanks to the guides incredible eyesight.
    The food was the best by far of the four different camps we stayed in. Delicious.
    The setting was special..... lovely to loll in a hammock by the river (though dry in the yellow season) and see giraffe, elephant, Impalas and baboons wandering through. I had rock plated lizards visit and a python too! Nature at her best and best of all, a leopard sighting,...
    read more

  • 5 star rating

    Wonderful and relaxing We have visited Mwagusi Camp and each time has been delightful!, relaxing atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable guides, great food! Breakfast in the bush on a morning game drive and dinner under the stars are highlights.

  • 5 star rating

    Ultimate Safari Experience Chris Fox and his staff has created the ultimate safari experience in relatively unknown and uncrowded Ruaha National Park. The accommodations are fabulous; private, self contained, secure tents, under expansive thatched canopies each looking out over the sand river. From our comfortable bed, we observe elephant, giraffe, zebra, baboons, monkeys and many birds. From our bed! When we got up and had the fresh brewed coffee, which was delivered to our tent, and a hot shower, we went off on incredible early morning game drives with the best trained, and nicest guides in Africa, with... read more

    Charles L
  • 5 star rating

    a lovely safari experience We enjoyed our stay at MwagusI immensely. Our banda was very comfortable and allowed for game viewing while we drank our morning coffee. One day a whole family of elephants walked through right next to our veranda. The hosts were friendly, fun and very accommodating. . It was obvious that the chef at Mwagusi took pride in his kitchen, and being a person who rejoices in salads, vegetables and fruits, I was in heaven. Our guides were very knowledgeable and tried very hard to find us as many different kinds of animals as possible. When... read more

  • 5 star rating

    Amazing Experience What a beautiful two days in Ruaha. Of course, seeing the animals was amazing. But the combination of the gorgeous camp, great guide, truly hospitable staff made it all even better. There are so many moments that I'll never forget. The meal outside under the starts was magical. The sound of lions off in the distance roaring on our first night was amazing, and the baby elephant that stood just outside my patio in the evening was so cute. The tents were much more extravagant than I thought and so comfortable.

  • 5 star rating

    An amazing experience What an amazing experience it was to stay at Mwagusi Camp! Our childrens' first experience of a safari and a real bucket list holiday. The bandas were so much better than they appeared in the photos, which do not do them justice. There always seemed to be a cooling breeze on the veranda or inside the room. All the staff were so friendly and could not do enough to help - even managing to mend a flip flop! Evening meals in different locations around the river bed were a real treat and it was lovely to get to... read more

  • 5 star rating

    Fantastic Safari experience We spent four wonderful days at this beautiful camp and as other reviewers say, it simply isn’t enough. The camp is perfectly situated and the general area and bandas are decorated to a very high standard, but with a natural elegance that reflects the surroundings. Trudie, the manager, and all of her staff were excellent and took such good care of us. Our guide Godfrey and driver Abdallah were both very knowledgable and capable - and good fun to be with. The food at camp was first rate, each evening we ate at a different location, swapping stories around the... read more

  • 5 star rating

    Must-see camp Fabulous place - have been travelling in Africa for 40 years and this is the most sumptuous camp I have ever stayed at. Banda's excellent and spacious in the extreme!! Staff friendly and good natured and food out of this world and plenty of it with such variety. Will recommend to others as an ideal place to stay for relaxation and being pampered.

  • 5 star rating

    Fabulous camp This was a splurge camp for us, and in hindsight, we wish we had thrown the budget aside and stayed another night or two (we were there 2 nights -- not enough time). The bandas are huge with a large open area. While relaxing there one afternoon, a female elephant and her baby came within feet of our banda. The bathroom area is open, which means crawling and flying creatures can visit, but it's part of the experience and the overall experience far outweighs this. The sleep area is large and comfortable and zips up tight. Manager Trudy is a... read more

    Lee A
  • 5 star rating

    June Family Safari Host: Trudie Bosman
    Guide: Jimmy and driver Abdullah
    Travel Agency: ATR

    We travelled to Mwagusi in June with our 4 girls, ages 19-26. We received a warm welcome at the airport and a warm welcome at the camp.

    Accommodation: A number of thatched bandas are dotted along the riverbank, each with a very large bathroom and separate lounging area. Ours consisted of a covered stone-floored deck with loungers built into the surrounding rock. A hammock also allowed for many relaxing afternoon naps. The bedroom portion is tented and allows you to hear the sounds of the Africa night. This is exhilarating;...
    read more

  • 5 star rating

    What can be said other than Fantastic camp in a Fantastic location After over 30 years travelling in Africa and of those over 20 spent in East Africa this was only our second stay at Mwagusi camp, why we missed this hidden gem for so long is a mystery. The camp has a great location by the river in the wet season or river bed in the dry season and excellently situated within the park some 30 minutes away from the small airport. The food in both quality, choice and amount is very good and we love the bush breakfasts. The rooms are very large and comfortable as is the bed... read more

  • 5 star rating

    Lovely lodge, great food, wonderful people My wife and I Spent seven weeks on safari in southern Africa and this was our next to the last lodge. It did not disappoint. The food was terrific the staff was wonderful and the guiding (Baldon) was superb. We saw of the big four and got a National Geographic photo of a leopard on a rock!
    Walking with canes I had difficulty one night getting back from the outside dinner. Martin and Heinrich arranged for three guys to carry me back in a chair I felt like a king!
    I would highly recommend this lodge!!

  • 5 star rating

    I keep coming back Mwagusi is a lovely camp and the managers and staff make it a very special experience. I have now stayed several times and have only ever been disappointed when I have to leave.
    For me, the best safari experiences depend on the guiding and at Mwagusi it is excellent. I have been out with several of the guides - all knowledgeable and charming and all really excited to see the wonderful animals and birds despite having seen them so many times before.
    TOP TIP - you really do not need to be driving around the Park all day looking for...
    read more

  • 5 star rating

    Luxurious safari with excellent service and unforgettable, delicious menu. Great camp on a bank of Mwagusi river in the middle of Ruaha National Park along travelling route of elephants herds. Luxurious Western style amenities and great service. The best dining in Tanzania. Unforgettable experience.

    Arek D
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Poems Inspired by Mwagusi

By Polly Laszlo Brody


Whiskers twitch at feathered grass
parting for her face,
yellow morning lights her eye.
Pelt flows pliant
over shoulders insinuated
between hillside boulders
where earlier, in darkness,
she climbed on silent pads—
the nightmare demon of baboons.
Soon she will recline aloft
stretched limpid on a broad acacia.
She’ll melt into light
and leafy rosettes—
druid waiting out the day—
so at one with the wood’s
sinuous contour, that we pass
unseeing, her dappled energy
pent in the tree,
flexed to spring.

Coming to Water

Smooth eddies whorl
over plated spines of crocodiles
waiting like stones, for antelope
coming to water.
Across the river
a leopard rasps rough as emery,
inhaling, exhaling night.
Baboons, treed dark clots,
bark terror.
And here, near enough to touch,
a genet cat,
its ringed tail banded with moonlight,
turns a pointed face toward us.