Wildlife and Rainforest

Mwagusi Safari Camp supports the Foxes’ Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust (FCWCT), a grassroots initiative of the Fox Family. The initiative aims at addressing multifaceted components of poverty and the environment. We have already removed well over 25000 snares and so far, planted 30000 locally indigenous forest trees (as at end of 2019). The project currently focuses on the facilitation of ongoing ecological monitoring by deploying locally trained anti-poaching units into the scarp forests of Mufindi. Venturing into the forests from four forward operating bases, patrol teams are adept at monitoring both human activities/impacts and the presence/absence of native wildlife. A heavy focus lies in the removal of snares and traps used in illegal poaching activities. Spatiotemporal data concerning illegal human activity and occurrence data of several mammal species are collected daily by patrol teams, contributing to a data inventory which may reveal annual trends in forest resource consumption (illegal human activity) and provides insight into the population dynamics of wildlife species. Ongoing monitoring provides a strong baseline for appropriate law enforcement and forest management practices; safeguarding the ecological and economic values that these forests yield to local communities and stakeholders.


Mwagusi Safari Camp also supports the community arm of Foxes’ Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust (FCWCT). This NGO aims to provide shelter, sustenance, education and medical care to the increasing number of orphans and foster families in the Mufindi District of Tanzania. As a result of HIV-AIDS many children are left orphaned, or worse left to care and provide for their sick parents, grandparents and younger siblings. To date, the NGO has built and staffed 6 orphanage dormitories and made improvements to local schools and clinics. The Orphans Centre has 60 beds where the education facilities have been refurbished providing improved education. Also provided are outreach services in local villages to AIDS orphans and a Counselling and Treatment Center to treat HIV/AIDS patients. Other community projects include: The Kindergarden Outreach Programme. The Igoda Children’s Village and Mdabulo Health Facility.

How can you help?

Foxes Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust is supported in the UK by ‘Orphans in the wild’. You can make a donation or offer assistance by contacting either of the following branches. Donations can also be made online at www.wildorphans.org


Foxes Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust

P.O. Box 84, Mufindi, Tanzania.
Email: geoff@wildorphans.org
Tel: +255 (0) 784-714-439
Charity NGO0791


Orphans in the wild

Rudgley House, Cold Pool Lane, Badgeworth, Cheltenham, Glos GL51 4UP
Email: bruce@wildorphans.org
Tel: +44 (0) 1452 862288
Registered UK Charity 113719