Important Things To Know Before You Travel


All of Tanzania is a malaria red zone where malaria infections are common. Please be sure to visit your local travel clinic or doctor to find out what medications you should take to prevent you from getting malaria.

Medical Conditions

Please advise your agent of any medical conditions you may have or any special equipment you will be bringing with you IE: CPAP machines. Mwagusi staff will need to have this information in advance in order to prepare for your equipment.

In an Emergency

Fly-in doctors and an emergency clinic at Msembe (Ruaha’s Park Headquarters) are available should any illness arise in camp. In the event that family or friends need to reach guests staying with us, they should please contact the agent the guests booked through or use our direct contact details outlined in the Contact Us page.

Is the Water and Ice Safe for Drinking?

Yes, at Mwagusi Camp we are committed to an environmentally friendly presence with long-term sustainability. Our drinking water which is served in a pitcher in your room and during meal times comes from one of the two wells we have in camp. This water is natural bore-hole water and has been boiled and filtered and is perfectly safe to drink. Our ice is made from the same water and safe to drink with beverages. Bottled water is readily available and is complimentary.

How can I Charge or Power my Electrical Appliances?

Mwagusi Camp is almost entirely powered by solar power. Each banda uses solar energy to power the interior lights and heat the hot water. Bandas have charging facilities for small items such as mobile phones, shavers and small camera batteries. Our office offers charging facilities for the larger camera batteries, video cameras and any other electrical equipment daily. We regret that hair dryers cannot be powered in camp by solar power.

I’m a Vegetarian / Vegan / Have Special Dietary Requirements.

Our chef has experience in catering for special dietary requirements of guests despite our remote location. All mealtimes offer a large variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and special dishes are available for those with food intolerances. All of our food is made fresh from scratch in camp, so special arrangements can easily be made to exclude certain foods. Please pass any helpful information regarding special dietary requirements to your agent before your arrival in camp.

Are there any extras to pay?

The 3 hour Bush Walks and Night drives are activities which can be added to your package at an additional cost and can be arranged though your agent or booked directly in camp.
Mwagusi is not “all Inclusive”. Soft drinks are complimentary during game drives. An “all inclusive” drinks package is available on booking.
Any gratuity you choose to leave (please see below) or any small costs incurred we would be grateful if you could settle in camp in US Dollar notes (post 2003 due to forgeries) or Tanzanian Shillings. Due to the remoteness of our location, we are currently unable to accept credit cards.

If I Want to Leave a Tip, How do I Work Out the Right Amount?

If you have enjoyed excellent safari guiding, the caring of your accommodation, a daily laundry service, your morning tea and coffee in bed or your evening dinner out under the stars you are more than welcome to reward staff with a tip. We recommend that $10 per guest per day of stay (ie $20 per couple per day) to be shared between the 20 plus staff we have working behind the scenes. Normally paid at the end of the stay when settling the bills.
We recommend also $10 per guest per day of stay (ie $20 per couple per day) to be shared between driver and guide (they usually share this out themselves).
We ask that guests do not tip individually as this undermines the tipping system and the behind the scenes staff are overlooked.

If you have any question, please contact us.
We are happy to help you!