Two seasons

Ruaha is characterised by two distinct seasons – the lush “green” and dry “yellow” season. The green season starts in January and continues into April. It is during this time that the park is transformed into a green oasis with flowing rivers and thick vegetation. Spectacular volumes of birds can be seen with approximately 526 bird species found here (more than half of those found in the whole country!). Wild dog and cheetah sightings are more likely during this period and large aggregations of elephants are common showing pronounced breeding behaviour. Interesting insects, butterflies and blossoming flowers are abundant.

The yellow season usually runs for the remainder of the year, from May to December. This season brings with it dry, dramatic landscapes and dry riverbeds which form some of Ruaha’s most appealing natural features and are the focus of excellent wildlife viewing as the animals search for water. Lion are abundant and leopard and cheetah are seen often. Large herds of animals such as buffalo group together in numbers searching for water and safety. The lack of vegetation makes for good game viewing and the muted browns and yellows are pleasing on the eye.