The shadow of our 12-seater bush plane flits over the hot dry heart of Tanzania as we bounce through the midday thermals. But the landscape changes as we draw closer to Msembe airstrip. On its final approach the plane banks sharply, revealing a range of broken hills. ...Read More

Brian Jackman, The Daily Telegraph

The Mwagusi is one of Ruaha National Park’s several sand rivers, which flow underground except during the height of the rainy season. ...Read More

By Bunny McBride, Special to the Washington Post

When someone suggested a short stop at Ruaha National Park during our return journey from the Nile River, I had to reach for a map to see where it was. Little did I realise I’d end up discovering a gem that I’d rate as one of Tanzania’s best parks. ...Read More

Patrick Cruywagen, SA 4x4 Magazine, January 2009 edition

"We expected this to be special, but it far exceeded our expectations"

— Ian & Frances (UK) former guests